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If you have enjoyed your experience, we would appreciate you helping us to spread the word about Silver Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. William E. Silver.

Please click on the Google  icon below which will take you directly to to where you can write your review. You need to have a g-mail account in order to do this.


We Value Your Comments!

Patient satisfaction is important to us at Silver Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Silver and the entire  staff take great pride in providing all of our patients high quality care from their first consultation to every subsequent visit with us.

Online reviews are one way you can let others know about the quality of services you received for us. We like for potential patients to hear from real patients who have had cosmetic surgery performed or another cosmetic procedure administered by our office.

Many of our patients at Silver Plastic Surgery Center ask for ideas on what they could write. We also know how busy you are and want to make this as easy as possible for you. So here’s a list to help you with your thoughts:

  • What prompted you to use Silver Plastic Surgery Center?
  • What areas about your face or body did you wish to improve?
  • What made you feel Silver Plastic Surgery Center was the right place to give you the cosmetic results you desired?
  • What significant results did you achieve from using Silver Plastic Surgery Center?
  • Describe why you feel that working with Silver Plastic Surgery Center or Dr. Silver was successful.
  • In the future, Would you use Silver Plastic Surgery Center for other procedures?
  • Would you recommend Silver Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. William Silver to your friends and family?

These are just ideas to help you get started in writing your testimonial. Don’t feel like your remarks need to be long and drawn out. We appreciate anything you have to say!

We would like to thank you in advance and if you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Silver Plastic Surgery Center is located at 4553 N. Shallowford Rd., Suite #40B, Atlanta, Georgia. Many of Dr. Silver’s patients live in surrounding suburbs such as Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta.