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Virtual Consultations


Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations with Dr. Silver

Virtual consultations are now complimentary at Silver Plastic Surgery Center with William E. Silver, M.D.  Through your phone or computer you can have your consultation from your location without having to leave your home!

The purpose of this consultation is to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the surgery process and to decide whether you are a good candidate for the planned procedures.

Computer Imaging

For the best possible experience during you virtual consultation, it is best to submit photos of the areas you are considering either for plastic surgery or injectables such as Botox and facial fillers. Dr. Silver will take your submitted photos and create a virtual image on his computer. You can see what you will most likely look like after nose reshaping, an eye-lift, mini facelift, or any other procedure you are considering.


Virtual consultations using computer imaging


Upon review of your photos, our surgical consultant will discuss the surgical options, cost and recovery time. When the office is back to normal practice hours, you will be able to schedule an in-office visit with Dr. Silver. At that point, if you have decided to go forward with the procedure, our staff will help you with the details of planning a date and time for your surgery. You will be provided with complete details of your procedure.

Submitting Your Photos

Upon submitting recommended digital photos through our confidential e-mail system at dana@rhinoplastyspecialistofatlanta.com we will conduct a virtual/telephone consultation. These images must be clear and preferably against a solid dark-colored background. The guidelines for submitting photos are as follow:

  • A full length views from the front
  • A full length view from the side
  • An oblique (turned at a 3/4th angle) perspective from left and right

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is to call our office 404-586-4790 and schedule your virtual consultation with Dr. Silver. Our patient coordinator will explain in detail how it will be conducted using Zoom, Skype or Face-time. At the Virtual Consultation  you will be able to express your concerns, goals you would like to achieve, and any questions you have. Dr. Silver will review your photos and provide you with virtual before and after photos.

After you have had your virtual consultation with Dr. Silver you will receive Dr. Silver’s recommendations, and a general pricing plan can be provided.  Please remember that (virtual) surgical plan and pricing may change until confirmed with an in-person evaluation.

The Patient Care Coordinator will help you schedule the appropriate pre-operative and post-operative appointments, as well as selecting a surgery date that works with your personal schedule.