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Teenage Rhinoplasty


Teenage Rhinoplasty Atlanta

Having a large or disproportionate nose can be a significant impact on one’s self image at any age. For teenagers it can be an even more sensitive issue. Beauty is being recognized and marketed more and more to people of younger age, and as a result, teenage patients are one of the most common groups seeking rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the fastest growing surgeries in high school girls and boys. Triple board certified, Dr. William E. Silver, performs a significant proportion of his rhinoplasty surgeries on teenagers as he realizes that any cosmetic disturbance in the appearance of the nose can have a significant impact on teenagers and young adults. Rhinoplasty can lead to a very positive change for these patients, especially since they have healthy tissues and generally heal well after surgery.

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenage Rhinoplasty

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Plastic surgery performed on teenagers can be controversial, as some professionals argue that a teenager is not mature enough to understand all of the implications of surgery. With proper patient selection and by involving the parents in the consultation and surgical process, the results can be rewarding and very well accepted. Dr. Silver is a proponent of teenage rhinoplasty after careful evaluation and discussion with the individual patient and his/her family. Often, teenage patients have their nose surgery performed during school vacations, such as winter, spring or summer break. The splint (cast) needs to stay in place for 6 to 10 days after surgery, so this is very feasible. However, any discussions regarding contact sports need to be addressed during the consultation to ensure a safe healing period.

Are You a Candidate for Teenage Rhinoplasty?

One of the most important criteria for having teenage rhinoplasty is that the nose has stopped developing, and experts claim that this happens at around age 13 or 14 for girls and 15 or 16 for boys. When you meet with Dr. Silver, at your initial consultation, he will discuss with you in detail the procedure and the recovery period. He will also take the teens picture and through visual imaging he will show the teen the probable results from have a nose reshaping procedure. It’s important for Dr. Silver to establish that a particular candidate has appropriate and realistic expectations of the surgery. It is by no means a cure-all, but when performed on the right candidate, it can tremendously improve self-confidence.

Dr. Silver is careful to screen teenagers requesting rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is not to be taken lightly, and it is not to be considered a popularity-builder, or an attempt  to look more like another person or celebrity. Many kids, however, are overly self-conscious, socially challenged or insecure about features that are out of proportion. Parents, in consultation with the surgeon, must decide whether the procedure is right for their child, and if their son or daughter harbors reasonable expectations about the outcome. This is an important cross-roads at any age. A rhinoplasty causes a permanent alteration of facial proportions, and it is thus a decision that will last a lifetime.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. William Silver. His office is located in Atlanta just outside the perimeter at  at 4553 N. Shallowford Road, Suite 40 B. His patients come from all over the world as well as communities just outside of Atlanta such as Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Johns Creek, Duluth and others.