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Thinking About a Nose Job? (Rhinoplasty)

nose job, Rhinoplasty, Atlanta, GA

Thinking About a Nose Job? (Rhinoplasty)

Posted by Rhinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta in Rhinoplasty 05 Mar 2015

Dr. William Silver often hears his patients say “I hate my nose”. After years of fixing noses in Atlanta, GA he certainly understands. After all, the nose is what frames the face. It’s often the feature people notice first when looking at someone’s face. If it’s too large, or misshaped, it can make a person look and feel unattractive.

Before rhinoplasty, Atlanta, GA

Stephanie, Before Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty after, Atlanta, GA

Stephanie, After Rhinoplasty

He has many stories he could tell about his patients but one of his favorite was Stephanie. When she came to see Dr. Silver she couldn’t believe he could actually make her look normal. She had gone throughout her childhood, teen years and now was a mother. Every day she was tormented by the way she looked. Her nose was extremely large and on top of that it hooked at the tip. She told him that when she stopped at a stop light and there was a car next to her, she would turn the other way and look down because she knew if she didn’t; the other driver might look over at her, see her nose and gasp.

Dr. William Silver assured her that he was going to help her. He first did an exam of her nose to see if there were any underlying health conditions. He then had photos taken of her which he used to do computer imaging. With this process, he can show the patient what they would probably look like after the procedure. Stephanie had waited long enough; she decided to go ahead with the procedure to get the nose she had always wanted.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a fairly complex operation and really takes an expert to achieve the proper results. Dr. William Silver is world re-nowned when it comes to Rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. After all he is triple board certified and his specialty is noses. He had performed thousands of nose re-shaping procedures and even has other physicians refer their patients to him.
Needless to say, Stephanie’s new nose looked awesome. She feels like a new person! Now she proudly looks straight ahead at red lights to make sure the other driver sees what a beautiful nose she has!

Dr. William Silver, The Rinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta, is now practicing with Dr. Pradeep Sinha at the Atlanta Institute For Facial Aesthetic Surgery located on Johnson Ferry Road in Atlanta. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call 404-586-4790.

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