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What to Expect During a Consultation

The first step when considering facial plastic surgery is the consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Silver will discuss with you your medical history to determine if you are healthy enough to have surgery. Next he will ask you what you would like to achieve, what are your expectations, what would you like to see changed. He will then do an exam of the area you would like to improve, the nose, the face, your eyes, skin condition; tell him your entire wish list.

Pictures will be made of your face from the front and both sides. Dr. Silver will use these pictures to do computer imaging, a process that will allow you to try on your potential new look. You can see what you will most likely look like after nose reshaping, an eye-lift, mini face lift, or any other procedure you are considering.

photos of Computer Consultation for Rhinoplasty


Computer Imaging

Would you like to try your new nose on before you have a rhinoplasty? See how you would look 10 years younger with a mini face lift? Atlanta facial plastic surgeon, Dr. William E. Silver can enable you to do just that through the magic of Computer Imaging technology. It is one of the most helpful tools  because it allows you to see what your results will most likely look like. You won’t have to guess what the outcome will be like after the procedure is completed.

Computer Imaging is like having virtual plastic surgery. By using this specially designed computer program, Dr. Silver is able to let his patients try on their new nose and easily see how they will look after the procedure. Many of his patients who are seeking rhinoplasty surgery have thought about having the procedure for some time. They have envisioned a certain shape or size but are really not sure.

When a patient arrives for their consultation they have their picture taken from several different angles. Dr. Silver then takes that photo and using the computer software, digitally alters the photo by sketching what he thinks would be an appropriate change in size and shape for the patient’s face. He and his patient discuss different options and together through computer imaging to create the perfect nose or other facial feature that truly works best with the structure and shape of the patient’s face taking in consideration both front and side views.

This process takes away a lot of stress from the patient by eliminating the guess work of “what’s it going to look like?” It’s truly amazing how close the final picture of the patient is to the computer imaging drawing. Of course it has more to do with the experience and talent of the rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. William E. Silver.

Computer Imaging

Utilizing computer imaging is one of the best tools the surgeon can use to help assure that the patient is going to be happy with the results of the surgery. Just because the patient likes the nose of a certain celebrity which is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on them. No longer does the patient have to wait and be surprised after the surgery when they can have a good idea of what they will look like ahead of time. Now they can work with the plastic surgeon to try all kinds of “looks”. This is all part of the process to make sure that you are happy with the results of your surgery.

You can schedule a complimentary appointment with triple board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. William E. Silver, at the Silver Plastic Surgery Center in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Silver has helped thousands of men and women all over Georgia including Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Vinings, Johns Creek, and Cumming. Call Dr. Silver today to set up a consultation at (404) 586-4790.