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Actual patient of Dr. Silver

Atlanta facial plastic surgeon, Dr. William E. Silver has performed over 10,000 rhinoplasty nose reshaping surgeries, and he still takes great delight in fixing noses that have been a source of pain for so many of his patients.

So many women and men live for years hating to look in the mirror, because they feel their nose is ugly, misshaped, too big, too long, or just out of balance with the rest of their face. Stories of how they broke their nose as a child and nothing was done to fix it. They were left with breathing problems and a misshaped crooked nose. Dr. Silver has heard so many stories from his patients of how they were ridiculed as children, laughed at, and even hated to have photos taken of themselves because all they could see in the picture was their nose, the nose they didn’t like.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve found the right place. Rhinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta, Dr. William E. Silver, can help you! You may even qualify for insurance coverage. Call (404) 586-4790 today to make an appointment for a complimentary computer imaging consultation today.