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Radiesse dermal facial fillers are quickly rising straight to the top of today’s anti-aging treatments, and for good reason. They have the ability to easily diminish the appearance of laugh lines, frown lines, and to effectively erase crow’s feet with a simple innovative injection method. The dermal filler can also enhance the contours of the face, reshape the nose, and improve both the chin and cheek area. It’s a safe, soft, and instant tool in the fight against aging too quickly.

These kinds of modern facial fillers are the newest nonsurgical dermal filler injections that work to enhance the overall appearance of the skin with just one single treatment. The filler itself is used to successfully fill out both deep wrinkles and fine lines by injecting the liquid directly into the skin. Once injected, it instantly adds subtle volume in order to safely revitalize, correct, and reshape key facial features. The remarkable effects of the product have a major advantage over other fillers in that it keeps working over time.

Due to its microsphere technology, it initiates a process known as collagenesis that naturally stimulates the body to generate new collagen and encourage it to flourish near the injection site. The product literally helps your body appear younger. If you desire the long-lasting effects of the treatment in order to fight the aging process, then ask Dr. William Silver about using this cutting-edge dermal facial filler today.

Benefits of Radiesse Dermal Facial Filler

No dissolving
Unlike other collagen fillers that gradually disappear after a while, this product keeps its viscosity and plumpness in your skin. There’s no need to be concerned about the product dissolving and eventually diminishing regarding size and you’ll likely only need periodic touch-up treatments in order to boost the levels of collagen.

Because the product requires fewer applications and treatments, you’ll require fewer injections in order to see the results you want, which also means fewer appointments at your doctor’s office and less expense as well.

No downtime
The treatment is considered a “lunchtime injectable” that literally requires zero downtime. Most people experience a bit of redness, skin sensitivity, and light bruising following treatment, but there’s no serious inflammation or swelling to even mention.

Long-term results
Each injectable treatment can last anywhere from 12 – 24 months overall based on the particular area treated, and as long as 36 months for ‘low movement’ facial areas. Selecting this exceptional injectable dermal filler over other anti-aging treatments means you’ll experience long-lasting results after only a couple of treatments.

Contact Dr. William Silver at his new location to schedule an initial consultation about getting Radiesse facial filler treatments. He serves both new and current patients in the Atlanta area as well as the entire surrounding areas including Dunwoody, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, East Cobb, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta and beyond.