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Rising Trends in Men’s Facial Surgery Procedures


Rising Trends in Men’s Facial Surgery Procedures

Posted by Rhinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta in Procedures 26 Jun 2015

Look at all the media surrounding you and one thing is clear – we live in a culture that emphasizes looking and feeling young and attractive. The huge explosion in men’s aesthetic surgery procedures indicates that this attitude applies to men too. In fact, national trends indicate that cosmetic procedures for men has more than doubled over the past decade. Dr. William E. Silver concurs that facial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for men at Rhinoplasty Specialists of Atlanta, a facial plastic surgery practice with expertise dedicated to rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty revision excellence has indeed seen a surge in popularity.

What is Driving the Trend for Men Wanting to Look Youthful and Healthy?

male faceliftBesides the more obvious desire to maintain appeal for a significant other or to feel confident in a singles environment as well as feel good about oneself, what is behind this rising trend in men’s cosmetic surgery and anti-aging treatments? Looking young, fit and healthy – overall projecting a masculine persona – is viewed as a means of staying competitive in the job market and achieving career success. Men want to look alert, At Rhinoplasty Specialists of Atlanta, Dr. Silver employs the latest improved surgical techniques, resulting in shorter recovery times. This is the right time for men to decide to have Dr. Silver transform the part of their face that’s been bothering them with facial aesthetic surgery.

Why Do Men and Women’s Faces Respond to Aging Differently?

Men’s skin is dissimilar to a woman’s, and the physical effects of aging affect their facial appearance differently. Aside from the ability to grow a beard, there are structural distinctions, including: skin thickness; collagen density; rate of loss, and areas of loss of collagen as we age; texture; oil production; and hydration.

  • Male skin is about 25% thicker than female skin and is usually firmer because it contains more collagen and elastin; thus men tend show their age more slowly and usually display less fine lines and deep wrinkles than women do.
  • Although a man’s skin typically does not exhibit visible signs of aging as early as women, the role of sun damage, particularly as men do not always consider the use of sunscreen to be as important as women so, may bring the gap closer. UV sun damage often negates the benefit of slower biological skin aging.
  • Women’s skin usually thins significantly after menopause, while a man’s thins progressively with age. This may be partially attributed to the fact that men’s skin is more naturally hydrated than a woman’s, even though the use of moisturizer lags far behind.
  • A woman’s skin contains more subcutaneous fat.
  • A beard can provide partial protection from UV damage which reduces potential for fine wrinkles on the cheeks.
  • For men, facial aging typically begins with wrinkles on the forehead and sagging or loose skin around the chin, leading to jowls and a diminished jawline. While there are different surgical and nonsurgical approaches for every issue, because of the structural characteristics of a man’s skin, the types of facial issues to be resolved through aesthetic surgery often differ from the procedures women request more frequently.

    What are the Most Requested Male Aesthetic Facial Surgery Procedures?

    For recapturing that strong, masculine look, the most common male aesthetic surgery procedures Dr. Silver performs include: rhinoplasty (nasal re-contouring) rhinoplasty revision (nasal surgery restructuring), eyelid surgery, jawline re-contouring (mini-face lift) chin augmentation, neck lift, and ear shaping. When planning a surgical approach, he finds it important to preserve the facial differences that distinguish men from women.

    Before and after photos of rhinoplasty | Atlanta, GARhinoplasty is one of the most requested procedures for men. This is because the nose is such a dominant facial feature, influencing the balance and overall appearance of the face. Often men have minor nasal deformities or damage to the nose from sports injuries or accidents which require rhinopasty. Dr. Silver is an experienced surgeon who reshapes the nose to create a harmonious balance between the features. In addition, men have stronger features and full eyelids, and to retain the heavier male characteristics some standard approaches must be modified. For example, mid-face lifts must be changed to accommodate the vascular bearded skin and eyelid lifts must be planned to retain some skin and fat to avoid a feminized eye. As far as wrinkles go – men may want to leave a little bit of the wrinkles — whereas in women wrinkles are a thing to banish all traces of – in men a few wrinkles are usually considered sexy or rugged and a sign of trustworthiness and experience.

    Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

    The rate of increase in requests for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments is also experiencing significant growth. The top 5 treatments reflecting increasing popularity among male patients are: BOTOX® injections and other injectable wrinkle inhibitors, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing, and dermal fillers. All of these services are featured services at Rhinoplasty Specialists of Atlanta, located on Johnson Ferry Road within the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetic Facial Surgery office suites. Men – if you desire to remain competitive in the job market as you mature – be part of the rising trend in men’s reconstructive surgical facial procedures and non-surgical cosmetic services at Rhinoplasty Specialists of Atlanta.

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