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Procedures for Men



Cosmetic surgery of the face is most often interpreted as a procedure that is performed on females. At Rhinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta approximately 27% of our patients that we perform facial cosmetic surgery on are males. The procedures are very much the same but sometimes done for different reasons. Rhinoplasty surgery is often done because of nasal injury but is also done for cosmetic reasons as well. If a male patient has a huge nose and wants to have it much more defined you don’t give him the cute little nose you might give a female patient, you want to have it look like a male and there is a big difference. For a female, the angle between the lip and the tip of the nose is approximately 97 to 107 degrees elevation. For a male it is about 90 degrees so a patient with a nose that has drooped down can have it brought back up to 90 degrees or if there is a huge hump it can be brought down straight. For a female, the shape of the top of the nose has a slight curve to it while the male nose goes straight down. To review before and after pictures of rhinoplasty procedures performed at Rhinoplasty Specialist of Atlanta click here.

Often there are other procedures performed on male patients. Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is a very common procedure. Male patients, particularly in today’s career market, are competing for jobs and the competition is the younger patient – the patient that looks alert. Patients with heavy over eyelid skin or bulging lower lids can experience dramatic changes this giving the patient a brighter, more youthful look. To review before and after pictures of blepharoplasty procedures click here.

Then of course you have the facelift. Male patients will often develop large jowls and loose skin along the jaw line, a facelift can correct that and give a very young appearance. Those are the most common procedures that we think about rhinoplasty, eyelid, and facelift surgery. It makes a major difference in the total appearance in the male patient! Facelift surgery is performed in such a way that scars are hidden behind the ears up into the hairline so there are no tell-tale signs that would give someone the indication that surgery was performed. Eyelid surgery is much the same, there are no scars that can be seen and of course the rhinoplasty procedure is likewise showing no evidence that any external procedures have been performed. These are the primary summaries that we show to male patients that need to be involved in today’s workforce. To see before and after pictures of a full facelift click here. To see mini-facelift before and after pictures click here.

Hair Transplant
The last common procedure that is performed on males is the hair transplant. That again is used to promote a more youthful and vigorous appearance and is performed in the office under mild sedation under local anesthesia.

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