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Cosmetic ear surgery, known as otoplasty, is a procedure that modifies the position, proportion, and size of the ears for aesthetic reasons. The result of ear shaping surgery can vary from person to person based on the specific changes the patient wants. But overall, the surgery usually improves self-confidence, especially in teens and children. If a person’s ears noticeably stick out, a process called ear pinning can be done in order to flatten and reposition them closer to the head. If one ear is higher than the other, the process creates better symmetry. Oversized, large ears can either be addressed alone or in combination with other ear problems. If your ears (or your children’s ears) are misshapen or protrude, cosmetic surgery for the ears may be a good option.

The surgery itself is most commonly performed on younger children from age 4–15 years old; However, even as an adult it’s never too late to change the appearance of your ears and undergo surgery to correct them. Otoplasty can easily correct the following ear disorders:

• Unusually large ear lobes
• Shell ear – a disorder where some normal ear features are missing
• Protruding ears
• Lop ear – a condition where the tip of the ear folds over and forward

Who Should Consider Otoplasty?

• If you were unfortunately born with very large or small ears
• If your ears prominently and noticeably stick out
• If your ears are strangely placed or disproportionate to your head
• If you’ve had an injury that’s affected the shape or position of your ears in a negative way

What are the Benefits of Ear Surgery?

While the main goal of altering your ears is for cosmetic purposes, there are other key reasons, including the following:

• The results usually last a lifetime
• The low-risk procedure greatly boosts your self-confidence and can help a young child’s overall self-esteem and social acceptance
• Improves the proportion and shape of the ears

Who is a Good Candidate?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people in general want to alter their ears. Are you one of them?

• You’re in general good health
• Your ears (or your child’s ears) have reached full size and you feel the surgery will help
• The surgery can be done on both children and adults

Most importantly, you must have realistic expectations and a good attitude in general about the outcome of the surgery.

What to Expect While Recovering from Ear Surgery

Following surgery, plan to generally rest and stay home a minimum of one week. Your head will be wrapped in bandages before you go home. It’s crucial that you follow the instructions of your doctor to ensure a problem-free recovery. Your doctor will let you know just how long the bandages must be worn and how to rest comfortably with them on, especially at night.

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