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Chin Augmentation


Chin augmentation, also commonly referred to as mentoplasty, works to modify the shape of the chin by enhancing its width or projection. It’s a known fact that a well-defined chin naturally balances the face and creates a key part of a person’s profile as well as their confidence. Mentoplasty is used to improve the profile and facial balance and contours.

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Who Can Chin Augmentation Surgery Benefit?

The surgery can greatly benefit anyone who has a ‘weak’ chin regarding overall proportion to bone structure and other key features of the face. Dr. William Silver recommends mentoplasty as a complementary procedure in order to even out the features of the face for anyone thinking about getting rhinoplasty.

Candidates for a Chin Implant

Chin implant surgery provides several aesthetic benefits as well as boosting self-confidence. What makes a good candidate for a chin implant may include any of the following issues:

• Squared or pointed chin
• Recessed chin
• Fleshy neck
• Prominent nose

A cosmetic chin implant adds a degree of definition to a person’s jawline and balances out the appearance of a larger-sized nose. Mentoplasty is generally used in combination with rhinoplasty in order to optimize the aesthetic effect and can also be used with lip augmentation and cheek implants for maximum facial balance and proportion.

What to Expect Before Surgery

Dr. William Silver typically orders common pre-lab tests prior to the procedure in order to confirm the status of your health. He may also want you to stop, adjust, or start taking related medications a week or two before surgery. This protocol may include avoiding any anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements, and aspirin a few weeks before surgery. If you’re a smoker, it’s best to stop long before you actually get the procedure done.

What to Expect Following a Chin Implant Procedure

The majority of patients can easily return to non-physical work in as little 24 hours following the procedure, although it’s best to avoid driving a vehicle while taking medications. Strenuous exercise or work should be avoided for the initial 2 or 3 weeks following the procedure. It’s critical that your chin isn’t vulnerable to any excessive motion or force during this time. Based on the patient’s overall health, the methods used, and other factors relative to the surgery, these guidelines can vary somewhat.

While in recovery, it’s possible to experience a sense of tightness around the chin area. It’s also typical for various facial movements to be impaired or restricted temporarily.

Complementary Procedures of Chin Augmentation

A chin implant is often performed in combination with other key surgeries in order to enhance the results for the patient. Along with rhinoplasty, other desirable procedures may also include cheek augmentation, jaw implants, or other common facial implant techniques such as submental liposuction (under the chin) or a neck lift.

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