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Brow Lift


As people naturally age, their forehead can start to droop down, leaving deep creases in between the brows resulting in a tired or even angry looking appearance. But with the help of forehead lift surgery, Dr. William Silver can raise a person’s forehead to a position that decreases heaviness and gives the upper eye area a more youthful and attractive appearance overall.

Brow Lift Procedure

shutterstock_158231705This kind of surgery is generally performed by using one of two potential methods. Depending on the particular case, Dr. Silver will perform the lift using traditional lift techniques or use orthoscopic implements. An orthoscopic brow lift only requires a couple tiny incisions made along the hairline by which special tools are subsequently inserted in order to perform the surgical enhancements, which eliminates the need for the customary hairline incision. In either approach, connective tissue and dense muscle that have built up over time between the brows are eliminated to relax and smooth out tight furrows. Also, the forehead skin is pulled upwards and the excess is removed in order to restore a youthful shape to the person’s brow line.

Forehead Lift Results: Relaxed and Refreshed

Patients who receive forehead lifts frequently look many years younger following surgery. The process itself can successfully relieve tension in between the brows, and ease drooping of both forehead skin and eyebrows while dramatically diminishing the appearance of horizontal and vertical wrinkles in the area. In many cases, an orthoscopic lift is performed along with other facial procedures including a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidates for the procedure are people who can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

• Are you a non-smoker?
• Are you in reasonably good health?
• Do you have a positive attitude and outlook?
• Do you have realistic expectations regarding the results?

The best results are attained on people whose brows are sagging due to the natural aging process or congenitally low brow. The procedure is also beneficial for people who wish to diminish the horizontal creases in their forehead, the creases along the top area of their nose, and the frown lines in between the brows. Some general improvement concerning the hooding of the eyelids can be attained as well, although typically in this particular case, an eyelid lift is usually recommended in addition to a forehead lift.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Be sure your home is stocked with a good amount of gauze and fresh, clean towels for when you go home following your procedure. It’s also a good idea to have the following available as well:

• Ice
• Container to hold ice or very cold water
• Plastic freezer bags or bags of frozen peas or corn to use instead of ice
• Plenty of big, soft pillows to keep your head somewhat elevated
• Ointment to address the incision area, which Dr. Silver can prescribe or recommend if needed

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